A rejection is not a failure. It should be viewed as an opportunity to learn. Successful entrepreneurs have the self-confidence to face all these ego risks and to put their energies into reducing or avoiding risks to the business. Read more »

A TWITTER CZAR IS NEEDED. . .to force all members of CONGRESS TO LEARN HOW TO IMPROVE THEIR LISTENING SKILLS which currently are abysmal. This applies to members of both parties.

Good listening skills reflect how a business owner operates their business and should be applied for successful selling. See how good listening should also be relayed to Congress. Read more »

The Wall Street Journal on Bob Reiss Idea on Risks

By Jeffrey A. Tannenbaum An Entrepreneur’s Secret: Take No Risks Many people shun becoming entrepreneurs because they dread the essence of the game: taking risks. Robert S. Reiss says he owes his success as a business owner to avoiding risk. Bob Reiss, 63 years old, has started 16 small-business ventures in his career, shunning risks […] Read more »