A rejection is not a failure. It should be viewed as an opportunity to learn. Successful entrepreneurs have the self-confidence to face all these ego risks and to put their energies into reducing or avoiding risks to the business. Read more »

A TWITTER CZAR IS NEEDED. . .to force all members of CONGRESS TO LEARN HOW TO IMPROVE THEIR LISTENING SKILLS which currently are abysmal. This applies to members of both parties.

Good listening skills reflect how a business owner operates their business and should be applied for successful selling. See how good listening should also be relayed to Congress. Read more »


Reward your best suppliers by creating a special club for them that you could call Suppliers Platinum Club. You could spell out the criteria for the supplier performance you expect. These special suppliers will feel honored,while getting their cah faster. Read more »

The Wall Street Journal on Bob Reiss Idea on Risks

By Jeffrey A. Tannenbaum An Entrepreneur’s Secret: Take No Risks Many people shun becoming entrepreneurs because they dread the essence of the game: taking risks. Robert S. Reiss says he owes his success as a business owner to avoiding risk. Bob Reiss, 63 years old, has started 16 small-business ventures in his career, shunning risks […] Read more »