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  • Cash free ideas on barter, publicity, advertising, the internet, selling, outsourcing, networking, factors
  • Acquiring and keeping customers
  • Places to find free, quality help
  • Maximizing profits through correct pricing
  • Creating and understanding a cash flow statement
  • Non-traditional ways to get money
  • Key factors for entrepreneurial success

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This book is for Sales Reps, Manufacturers who use Reps and those wannabe’s on both sides. It is direct , short and of high value to the reader. You will quickly get actionable ideas.  The Table of Contents below spells out the topics covered.

  • Rep Commissions & What They Do
  • Who Becomes A Rep
  • Why Work With A Rep
  • How To Find And Select A Rep
  • Rep Complaints About Manufacturers
  • Manufacturer Complaints About Reps
  • Training Reps
  • A Tip For Reps
  • Advice For Both Parties
  • Both Parties Tip
  • The Future Of Reps
  • About The Author

 Low Risk High Reward

  Paperback price $19.95


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Never straying far from his central thesis that risk can almost always be managed and reduced, Reiss covers every obstacle the entrepreneur is likely to meet. Where do ideas come from? How do you get started? Where can you find the money? How do you build credibility? With many practical suggestions, this book should be useful to anyone starting a business.