These short excerpts are from the archives that Harvard Business School did with leading members of the school’s Entrepreneurial community. The following videos are from the interview with Bob Reiss


Why I Started a Company
1 min. 5 sec.

Entrepreneurial Training Growing Up in Brooklyn

2 min. 5 sec.

Blockbuster Ideas Not Necessary
45 sec.

How I started my first company
2 min. 10 sec.

How an Idea Came About which Became a Successful Venture

1 min. 36 sec.

Persistence: A Great Entrepreneurial Trait: How it gave me a career in the Game Business.

1 min. 55 sec.

How a 2 person company secured a license with a Major Firm
1 min. 26 sec.

Trust: The Key to Business & Personal Success 
54 sec.

How a New Business Idea was Created and Executed

1 min. 21 sec.

Confronting a Financial Crisis
2 min. 47 sec.

Suppliers’ Role in Your Success
2 min. 14 sec.

Risk: Perspective on Accepting and Managing it
1 min. 35 sec.

How to Treat Mentors
30 sec.

Move Forward Despite Fear of Failure
54 sec.

The Early Years

3 min 39 sec

The HBS Experience

3 min 11 sec

Overcoming fear of failure to JUST ASK for Bold things and how to get them moving

10 min 56 sec

The importance of Selling and Customers 

5 min 42 sec

The HBS Full Interview

1 hr.  22 min.

Here is the interview in it’s entirety,which includes the above segments and offers insights into Bob’s practical to the point thinking


Q&A interview by ex HBS Professor Amar Bhide, who taught the R&R case many years, with Bob Reiss about the case

. 19 minutes