Archive of Qwik Tips for Entrepreneurs


72. Passion Can’t Be Taught. Most Everything Else Can Be.

71. Licensing Can Work for Small Business Too.

70. Selling Requires More Listening than Talking.

69. Hiring the Right People is an Important Challenge.

68. Trust is Portable. It Follows You Everywhere.

67. Consider Knocking Off Your Own Product Before Others Do.

66. Entrepreneurs Don’t Like Risk.

65. Partner with Established Brands to Build Your Own.

64. Learning Should be a Lifelong Endeavor.

63. Shark Tank can be Helpful and Harmful.

62. Learn How to Understand a Cash Flow Statement.

61. Product Inventories that Don’t Sell Should be Closed Out Quickly.

60. Publicity is Often More Credible than Paid Advertising.

59. No Can Sometimes be an Important Word in Making the Sale.

58. Packaging, a Key Element in Successful Sale of a Product.

57. Definition of Selling: “Persuading the Right Person to Take an Action Favorable to All Parties.” 

56. Don’t Waste Time Getting Money from Banks Unless you have Assets to Collateralize Your Loan.

55. Maintain a Strong Work Ethic. Your Employees will Follow.

54. The Most Effective Form of Advertising is Word Of Mouth.

53. Quality is Essential for Repeat Sales.

52. Earning Trust is Best Path to a Strong Relationship.

51. Make Timely Decisions…Procrastination Leads to Missed Opportunities.

50. Testing will Increase Business Success.

49. Maintain Balance. It Doesn’t Have to be Family or Company, Play or Work, etc.

48. Special Offers – A Strategy to Score Big Customers.

47. Learn from Setbacks and Move On. You Can’t Change the Past.

46. Selling is Key Activity in Business Success.

45. Change is Good…You Go First. (Thanks to Scott Adams)

44. Free Ads Can Be Secured by Small Business Also.

43. Ready ! Fire ! Aim !  (Not)

42. Buyers Purchase Products On The Basis Of Emotions As Much As Reason.

41. Don’t Waste Time Getting Money from Banks Unless You Have Assets to Collaterize Your Loan.

40. You Do Not Have A Business Unless You Have Customers.

39. Periodically Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone to Grow Personally and Your Business.

38. Publicity Works for Small Business.

37. Know What You Don’t Know and Don’t Be Afraid To Admit It.

36. Mark Twain Apologized for Writing a Long Letter because He Didn’t Have the Time To Do a Short One.

35. Profits are Good and Essential to Sustain Your Business. Don’t Be Embarrassed By Them.

34. Intuition Improves With Experience.

33. Entrepreneurs – Time to be Thankful for

32. Best 2 Vice President Titles are VP of Today and VP of Tomorrow.

31. Don’t Confuse Risk to Your Business with Risk to Your Ego.

30. Rebound from Setbacks.

29. Don’t be Afraid to Give Up Equity Under the Right Circumstances.

28. Always Keep Track of the Cash.

27. Customers – Find and Satisfy Them and Prosper.

26. An Initial Sale is Good, but the Re-order is Better, as it’s a Vote for the Product’s Sustainability.

25. Protect Your Intellectual Properties, But It Is Preferable To Sell Than Sue. Calculate the Cost Of Suing, Emotionally, Your Time And Monetarily.

24. Mission Statements Are Only Good If Adhered To.

23. Move Quickly To Fire People Who You Are Convinced Are Bad For The Company.

22. Profits Are The Key To Business Sustainability.

21. Write Your Business Plan in Pencil.

20. Testing Your Ideas and Products Will Save You Money, Reduce Risk, and Maximize Success.

19. Managing Your Numbers is Essential for Growth.

18. Preparation Works in Business as in Sports.

17. Be Flexible Except with Core Values and Don’t be Afraid to Change Course.

16. Encourage and Accept Criticism Graciously.

15. Mentors – Free Small Business Consulting.

14. New Companies or Products Need Not Be Blockbusters.

13. Outsource Selling by using Sales Reps.

12. There is No Sales Gene. It is an Acquired Skill. Everyone in the Company Should Sell.

11. Passion is a Wild Card for Success and Selling.

10. Relationships Trump Technology.

9. Factors Can Lend You Money Based on your Receivables and Inventory. They Don’t Care About Your Credit Rating, Only Your Customers.

8. A Company’s Receptionist Should Be Called the Director of First Impressions. Act Accordingly in the Hire.

7. Most Buyers Were Assistants First. Treat Assistants as if They Were a Buyer.

6. The Major Asset of the Company is You. Maintain Your Energy.

5. Small Businesses Can Beat Big Ones Through Focus, Flexibility and Speed.

4. Always Pay Your Bills On Time…Pay Your Bills On Time.

3. Barter Can Work In Good Or Bad Times.

2. Know What You Don’t Know and Don’t Be Afraid to Admit it.

1. Set Example From the Outset That You and Company Are Trustworthy.