Know What You Don’t Know

Success or knowledge in one area or endeavor does not automatically ensure the same in others. I have never met anyone who knows everything about everything. No one can know it all, although many think they do. I’m sure you’ve met some of them.

However, when many people are asked a question and they don’t know the answer, it is difficult for them to say the simple words “I don’t know.’ Ego seems to interfere with good judgment as it does in many areas. To make matters worse, some people will make up a story rather than saying those magical three words. By doing so, they are destroying their credibility, because people will eventually discover their deception.

On the other hand, the simple “I don’t know” is a real trust builder for entrepreneurs. People will then have confidence and believe you when you say “I know.”

Learning should be a life -long endeavor both personally and in business. You need to learn to objectively know what you don’t know so you can work on learning it.