Solve Your Sales Problem

 Small businesses, particularly in their early stages, have two big problems.

Selling is a learnable skill, and you don’t need a sales gene to be good at it.

1)    Access to customers. The business owners are new to their industry, probably inexperienced, and have not developed the savvy to secure appointments with important potential customers. But to survive, every business must secure customers. This applies to all industries, all sizes, products, or services. It doesn’t matter how good your product is if people (a.k.a. customers) don’t know about it—without them, there are no orders for you.

2)    Selling— the process of persuading customers to buy. Selling is a learnable skill, and you don’t need a sales gene to be good at it. However, most small businesses cannot afford the cost of hiring competent, experienced sales people and lack sales power.

Selling and Sales Reps are rarely taught at most Universities

 There’s a simple solution for both of these problems: Hire a sales rep to represent you to secure sales for your company. A sales rep, also known as a sales agent, broker, sales representative or simply a rep, is an independent entity who acts as the sales arm for one or more non-competing businesses in a designated geographic area and/or in designated channels of distribution or customers. You pay them on a commission basis; there are no salary or benefits costs. You then have a variable cost. Reps automatically solve your second problem, as they already have established relationships and therefore access to your potential customers.

 Selling and working with sales reps are rarely taught at most universities. To alleviate this knowledge gap and most people’s latent dislike of selling, I have written a short e-book that details everything you need to know about all the things a rep can do for a manufacturer. I cover topics like: Who are reps? How do you find them? How do you train them? What are the best ways to work with them? As a former national sales rep for 14 years, I also share many insider tips not found anywhere else.

 The guide is devoid of fluff to make for short, easy, quick reading. Plus, it’s only $4.99.

 Click   to see the table of contents and order the book.  This could be one of the best investments you could ever make, even if you’re already using reps or are in fact a rep.