Passion – More Than Just Sex!

PASSION−A key attribute to overcome adversity and build a business. Every attribute and skill can be learned except passion. I would not recommend that anyone start a business unless they have a passion to do so. Passion is the wild card in overcoming many obstacles facing fledgling companies. To name a few: inexperience, knowledge shortfalls, lack of resources, unproven company concept, no customers yet, etc. Enough? 
Your passion for your new baby can overcome and ameliorate some of these obstacles. Your potential customers, employees, suppliers, money sources, etc., are much more inclined to help you if they witness your passion. Passion is generated internally. No one can teach it to you. It will also help you rebound from the setbacks that are sure to come, help you rationalize the ridiculous amount of hours you will work, and the sacrifices incurred in your private life. 
Many who have already been in their businesses for some time start to lose their passion. Their challenge is to restore it. This can take many forms. They need to remember why they originally started the venture. I find that a three-day weekend once a month works wonders for my juices as well as daily workouts that take place at many weird hours. Look for what works for you.