This guest article with the subhead of “Try These Tips for Building a Successful Business with Little Capital,” I wrote for was picked up and run in its entirety by 10 other websites. Those include Yahoo, Fox Business, The Washington Post, MSNBC, The Street, Business Insider, AT&T Small Business, Reuters UK, Alibaba, and Buwiz. Wow! I sure didn’t expect that exposure, but it warms my heart.

The article covers subjects such as Barter, Free Consulting, Mentors, and Special Offers to Key Customers, Suppliers, Publicity, Outsourcing, Building Trust, and Selling.

The article is reproduced on my website:

I was so inspired by the coverage on this article that I wrote another one that was accepted by and should come out within the next four weeks. I like it (surprise) as it applies to every size company, product, or service and costs the Entrepreneur no money. Yet it holds crucial ideas for a company’s success and sustainability.

We’ll let you know when it comes out.

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