Director of First Impressions

Over the years I have noticed that the most under appreciated employee is the receptionist who among other things answer the phone to make appointments This holds true for big and small companies. That person should have a warm personality and a decent amount of smarts. Usually they don’t because they are underpaid and not monitored by management. Title them “Director of First Impressions”. This may get their employer to recognize their value and treat them better. A manager should call their own office and say they just moved into the area and want to make an appointment or if they think the person they call might recognize the voice, have someone else call and record it. Doctors are a business and one of them here in Florida has gotten the message and created a classy looking sign saying “Director of First Impressions”. Here is a picture of one in lobby of a hospital and another one in lobby of a building housing Doctors. This can make everyone aware of their role and the worker feel appreciated and more dedicated to their job.