A Letter to My Blog Subscribers

To: All Subscribers to my Bootstrapping 101 Blog

From: Bob Reiss


First, thank you for subscribing and reading my blogs.

Second, I want to wish everyone a happy, healthy, and fulfilling New Year.

When I started writing these blogs over 15 months ago, I was told by the Internet experts (of which I am the polar opposite) that the Subscribers list would be very valuable  and that I should regularly communicate with Subscribers to help sell my book. Since I never wanted to distract from the blogs and the value some of them may have to you, this is my first communication.


So, I think that after 15 months and 60 blogs, I do not feel it is inappropriate to make a few requests.

  • I would love any type of feedback on the blogs. Are they too frequent? Should they be more often? What new subjects should be covered? What subjects should be concentrated on? Any favorite ones or worst ones? Etc.
  • Self-Publishing is hard as you are almost automatically shut out from selling in retail stores where sales must be guaranteed. As you might surmise from my blogs, that would be against everything I believe. My plan was to sell online primarily through Amazon and to Corporations who do business with Small Businesses like Banks, Credit Card companies, Accounting firms, Insurance companies, and many more. These companies would then give away the book to their customers to hopefully make them (the customers) more profitable. The books can be printed with their logo and message. So I would appreciate it if any of you have leads for me with specific names and titles of such type companies that I could follow up with.
  • If any of you are authoring a book, please let me know, and I can provide you with all the details and contacts on how to do it profitably and more easily. It is much more profitable than using a publisher unless you get a sizeable advance. The problem either way is getting people to know about your book and to buy it.
  • For those who have read Bootstrapping 101 and liked it, your recommendation to Small Business Owners or Wannabees that you know is appreciated. They can read all the details on my web site, www.bootstrapping101.com, which can connect them to the order page on Amazon.com
  • If any of you really like the book, reviews on Amazon or Barnes & Noble are appreciated as they do help sell books. In fact, Amazon encourages publishers and authors to solicit reviews. (Hopefully good ones.)

Thank you.

Bob Reiss