Everyone makes mistakes at one time or other. Some more than others. The question is how does one deal with their mistakes? Many get depressed, defensive, and overly cautious. A better response is to use every mistake as a learning experience. Delve into the why’s it was made and the how’s to avoid them again, all the while keeping your head up and maintaining your energy level.

Take comfort in the attitude of most venture capitalists. All things being equal, they would rather invest with the entrepreneur who failed in their own business than with the one who never ran a business. They are assuming that the failure resulted in learned lessons that will increase the success odds of the next venture.

I’ve always admired the cartoonists who can capture an idea or concept in one drawing. I recently saw one in the Wall Street Journal that does exactly this with the above subject. . .while giving me a good chuckle/laugh.

So, I’m sharing it.