The Value of Reading Bootstrapping 101

        Right up front….I’m Selling. From all my visits to University Entrepreneurship classes, mentoring,readings and 16 start-ups, I’m aware of the knowledge gaps of many people going into their own business or trying to grow or sustain one. They are generally good at creating Business Plans, Power point presentations and theoretical’s, all of which are important  but not enough in my opinion. I find them weak on the unsexy tools that can be critical in determining success or failure…..such as Selling, Sales Reps,Factors, Testing, Variable costs, Barter, Incubators and many others, besides sources of Free help like SCORE, Mentors, SBDC, Relationships etc.

        These factors inspired me to write my practical,fluff free book titled Bootstrapping 101 to help small businesses whether in start-up or growth modes.My purpose in writing this blog is to persuade you that you or your Entrepreneur friends can benefit greatly from this book. It is sold on Amazon at $19.95 in paperback and $9.95 in e form or I can sell directly in bulk. ( I self-published so I control all distribution)  Here are some of my selling points:
          – It has proven to be beneficial to Small Business Entrepreneurs and students.
          – MANA, the largest Sales Rep association in the country is serializing the book in its monthly magazine. 
          – One of the appendixes has a copy of one of the all-time best selling case studies of Harvard Business School in which I am the protagonist. The company,R&R had sales of $7,300,000 and profits of $3,000,000 in less than one year with one paid employee. Following the case are many of the Bootstrap tips employed that were put forth in the book.
          – Below is the Table of Contents of the book which clearly states the books contents. The books introduction, reviews and an extensive Blog archive can be seen on
          I appreciate comments, questions and of course orders.

Table of Contents for Bootstrapping 101


The Introduction lays out who the book is for,Bob’s definition of Bootstrapping and how to achieve these Bootstrapping strategies to the benefit of the reader.”


One of the world’s oldest forms of commerce is advocated in its modern form. Barter’s advantages and how it works.


Achieved at no or minimal cost, publicity can be more credible than paid advertising which usually is too expensive for start-up and fledging companies. How to get this publicity.


This fast changing, growing, and inexpensive medium can assist small business reach their goals and better compete with large companies.


How to get ads in all forms of media. The ads will look just like paid for ones.


Who should sell, how to sell, and sales’ interaction with other company disciplines.


No-cost strategies to acquire and/or grow key customers and to obtain favorable treatment in areas of importance to you.


Importance of having a good mentor in the ultimate success of a company. Where and how to find and interact with them.


Provide a business support process for start-up and fledgling companies that includes a physical home, management guidance, technical assistance, basic business services, and mentoring.


An untapped asset for small businesses, universities can help you in building your company with no or minimal costs.


Finding and developing relationships to advance your business. Better Networking.


Maximizing your profits and thus increasing cash are discussed in depth through correct pricing. All the elements that should be considered and by whom are explored.


Loan or advance money to a company, regardless of their credit rating. The pros and cons of their use and how to find them.


Can be a valuable extension of your company and an important part of your sustainability and growth. What they can do for you and how you should treat them.


Testing the feasibility of your new product or service before you expend valuable resources in its pursuit. This process will also aid in risk reduction.


Can give a company instant credibility and business. Not all licenses require large initial expenditures. Ideas on finding and utilizing them, their advantages, questions to ask in exploring them, and contractual issues to consider.


Is a type of business that lies somewhere between buying a business and starting your own. The pros and cons of franchising plus how to find appropriate ones.


Is an effective strategy to reduce overhead, conserve cash, and reduce risks. The different ways to accomplish this.


An important strategy, especially for undercapitalized businesses to grow, reduce risk, and offer more to your customers in terms of quality, value, and support. The negatives are refuted.


Government agencies to assist start-up and existing small businesses to succeed. They are free and open to everyone. Agencies covered are SBA, SCORE, SBDC, PTAC, U.S. CUSTOMS, DEPARTMENT of COMMMERCE, MBDA, UBOP, WBC, and U.S. EMBASSIES.


Important factors for entrepreneurial success are explored.

Appendix 1 

R&R Case Study
Bootstrap tips utilized in case

Appendix 2 

Tips for Getting Appointments

Appendix 3 

Cash Flow Statement