NO, a keyword for successful selling!

Would you believe NO can get you a good Yes? Yes, it’s true; sometimes NO is the keyword for successful selling.

In all negotiations and selling which falls into that category, you need to understand the other person’s needs, job responsibility, and goals. One of the major responsibilities of a buyer is to get the best deal they can for their company.

So, when you, the seller, get pushed, cajoled, and threatened for a lower price or more concessions, do not take it personally. It is the buyer’s job to do so. Your job is to get an order that is profitable for you and at the same time maintains your integrity. 
Although I believe a company’s major focus is on finding and retaining customers, there are times you must say no to a customer when their demands are out of line. There are a number of reasons why a no to a customer is the right thing to do. 

Take these instances into consideration:
If you just drop your price or give major concessions because a large buyer pushes you, they will never accept your deal the next time around as you’ve taught them to never accept the first offer. 

You need to protect your other customers and make sure they are not penalized for not pushing you as hard. You cannot put them at a competitive disadvantage. 

Your integrity is at stake. There are times when you need a particular customer or order. However, you should not succumb to the pressure of giving a better deal unless you get something in return, like a bigger order, better payment terms, free advertising, etc. 

Buyers might not admit it, but they will respect you more when you stand up to them. If your value proposition is good, your no will eventually become an order on your terms. 
Successful salespeople understand the value of a no. No is also a good word to employ in parenting. 

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  1. Hector Perez says:

    Bob, I have to say that this is a great topic for your first blog article, I have realized that the word no is imperative in business, although early on a small business may feel the need to say YES to every customer or client. We have learned to be a little more assertive with our business and definitely see the need for NO in selling a product or service. Good stuff!! Especially the parenting part
    Hector Perez

  2. Gene Fowler says:

    Nice one Bob, me likey.

    • bobreiss says:

      How do you have time to read this stuff. Why is there no drawing to accompany this…..Bob

  3. Jeff Hahn says:

    I agree that good listening is really important and that all members of Congress should read it.