We proudly introduce Bob Reiss as a Featured Author. Bob has an extensive experience in business and writes helpful articles on the subject. In this interview Bob shares valuable tips on article writing.

 Bob Reiss

Member Since: Feb 2011
Published articles: 29

Introduce yourself

I grew up in Brooklyn, attended public schools and Graduated from Columbia (where I played on an undefeated basketball team) and received my MBA from Harvard Business School after serving 2 years in the Army.
I have been the subject of two Harvard Business school cases, one of which has been taught at over 80 Universities around the world for the last 27 years. I’ve been a guest speaker to Entrepreneurship classes at the undergraduate, graduate and executive levels. I’ve been involved in 16 start-ups, one of which made the INC 500 list of America’s fastest growing companies three times.
I have written two books on Entrepreneurism and am married to an entrepreneur and we have 5 daughters.
My web/blog site (www.bootstrapping101.com) is about helping aspiring and existing Small Businesses start and grow their enterprises, through practical messages I’ve learned by doing and my talks to Universities. My web site gives details of my book titled Bootstrapping 101 which offers tips to build your business with limited cash and free outside help. The site also offers a regular blog of which the viewer can tap into the archives of 100 past blogs. It also offers a free E guide about the value of sales reps and everything you would want to know about them, recommended Small Business sites and articles and interviews I’ve done.

How long have you been writing/publishing articles?

I started writing in 1998 when Simon & Schuster approached me about writing a book on Entrepreneurism. I did so and it was published in 2000 with title of Low Risk High Reward, with a subtitle of Starting and Growing Your Business with Minimal Risk. I wrote my next book on Bootstrapping which I self published in 2009, which is when I created a web site and started writing blogs. I was also a columnist for Entrepreneur.com for one year.

What was the impact of publishing your articles on ArticlesBase?

I honestly can’t say what the impact of publishing articles with Articlesbase was as there are no solid numbers I can get my arms around. However, it is prestigious to have a known high ranked site publish a collection of your articles.

What do you like best about your ArticlesBase experience?

I like the Articlesbase experience as it helps give me a sense of discipline and focus in my article writing, as I want to keep adding to my total that are shown there. Also, Articlesbase is by far an easier company to deal with than their competition.

Tell us about your writing process.

I write all articles by myself. Ideas come from a variety of sources and times. My most fertile area for topics is from my interaction with sharp students at schools I talk to. In my extensive
Q & A sessions I can see the issues they are most interested in and the key areas where their knowledge is suspect.

What tips or words of wisdom can you share with other authors?

I don’t feel comfortable advising authors on writing. I can only offer my own approach. Picking topics is relatively easy for me. Once I decide on one, I do a list of bullet points I want to cover, think of anecdotes or stories to support them and if appropriate do supporting research. After a marinating period, I like to write the article quickly and first thing in the morning. I then review it the next day for any necessary modifications.

Anything else you would like to add?

I would add that I believe people love and remember stories. Try to come up with pertinent ones from your own experiences. Also a more lengthy article adds nothing to quality. Shorter is better but harder to write .I also don’t ascribe to everything done in lists….The 10 best ways to prevent snoring….. Lists at times are appropriate but I would make the case that one important point supported by a story and/or data can be more memorable and valuable. Finally, It is good to get trusted opinions of your writings, but not too many. You don’t want to lose your voice. I also like to always have 2-3 articles ready in advance, so as not to have to rush writing one and in case you get tied up in something else or do some traveling. If you are really passionate in a belief, state it and ignore the naysayers.
Bob Reiss

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