2 New YouTube Videos to Help Small Business

On September 13, I was invited to speak to the Entrepreneurial class of Professor Danny Warshay at Brown University. Professor Warshay taped the session, and I have edited out two segments to make my YouTube debut on offering practical tips to Small Business that are within the ability of all entrepreneurs. Here is the description of the two segments:

1.    Overcoming Fear of Failure to Just Ask for Bold Things and How to Get Them

I believe everyone should periodically get out of their comfort zone to grow and reach their full potential. I talk about recognizing the fear of failure that holds most people back from asking for bold requests and how to overcome it without spending any money or seeing a therapist. (10:56)

2.    The Importance of Selling and Customers to Success

The selling function is critical to the success of any venture. I believe everyone in a small business should be involved in selling the merits of the company, its products, and services. It is an acquired skill that should get the entrepreneurial manager’s full attention. The other key aspect of his/her attention should be acquiring and retaining customers. Without satisfied customers, there is no sustainable business. (5:42)


This talk is not a detailed tutorial. It tries to give you a better perspective of both areas and the right mindset to accelerate your success and avoid failure.

Hope you enjoy them.

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