Following my own advice in my book, Bootstrapping 101, I contacted Len Green, the entrepreneur and professor at Babson College in Boston to see if one of his student teams would be interested in advising me on how to market my book.  

In my book I have a chapter on Universities, explaining how professors in many disciplines prefer to give their students real life assignments. So, I decided to follow my own advice and take a bootstrapping step to bootstrap my own book and ask for University help. As I am self-publishing my own book and have no real Internet experience despite being involved in 16 start-ups, I knew that I could use all the help I could get.  

Len liked the idea so much that he assigned the task to all the students in his two entrepreneurial classes. The end result was that 22 teams of 4 students each aggressively embraced the assignment and wrote up their conclusions.  

Last week I went to Babson and visited the two three-hour classes to hear their pearls of wisdom. It was a very fulfilling, learning, and invigorating experience for me. I was overwhelmed with ideas, most of them Internet related. My Internet knowledge base is now greatly enhanced, but the flip side is that I now know how much I don’t know. . .a lot.   These entrepreneurial students were very smart and enthusiastic. All want to some day start their own businesses, and I was surprised to hear that 7 of them already have.

I was very happy to give back and talk to them about my own experiences on how to start-up and grow a business. Hopefully their knowledge base was also enhanced.    

The answer to Challenge #5 is: PRESBYTERIAN = BEST IN PRAYER  

Challenge #6: Rearrange ALL the letters and use each one only once in the words: GEORGE BUSH to form a new word or phrase that has a bearing on George Bush.