Director of First Impressions

Over the years I have noticed that the most under appreciated employee is the receptionist who among other things answer the phone to make appointments This holds true for big and small companies. That person should have a warm personality and a decent amount of smarts. Usually they don’t because they are underpaid and not […] Read more »


“Key Word for Business or Personal Tool Kit.” The dictionary definition of this one simple word is ” the expression of approval or admiration for someone or something.” I would add the word sincere to it. It can be a word with powerful consequences that many people don’t feel comfortable using. Criticism is a more […] Read more »

Without Customer Trust Nothing Else Matters

I recently read a spot-on article about Trust in the excellent monthly MANA magazine (largest Sales Rep Asn. In country). It was written by John Graham, and I wanted to share. I’ve always believed the first move in starting a new venture is to build Trust. Trust attracts and keeps Quality employees and encourages customers […] Read more »

Professional Review of Bootstrapping 101 review of  4 out of 4 stars Pursuing dreams of becoming an entrepreneur is something that most people are shifting towards doing nowadays. Who can blame them? The benefits of starting up your own business are countless and make entrepreneurship mouth-watering. Financial gain, flexible working hours, autonomy, job satisfaction, creating a career that aligns with […] Read more »

Qwik Advice for Entrepreneurial Success

          Over the years many people have asked me, “Can you give me the 3 (or other small number) key factors to be successful as an Entrepreneur?” Well, for me, there are many, many more reasons. My mind can’t boil it down to just a few. So, I put together 50 answers […] Read more »

Relationships and Trust

  You often hear that “It’s not what you know but who you know.” There is some truth to this. It is human nature to favor people who are friends, who have helped you in the past, who are recommended by friends or by people you respect, etc. That is not to say that they […] Read more »

Relevance of R&R Case Today

The below article was published by MANA, the largest Sales Rep association in the country. It shares Professor Gary Naumann’s excellent treatise on the Relevance of the R&R, HBS case on its 30th anniversary. Regular readers of Agency Sales magazine know Harvard MBA Bob Reiss as a “super-rep” whose business successes were so innovative that […] Read more »

Ideas to Start a New Business or Product

In my many years of speaking to MBA classes and mentoring young people, the question that comes up the most is How Do I Find An Idea to Start a Business! This same question was put forth asking for ideas to create a new product. I believe the answers are the same as for a […] Read more »

Dealing with International Suppliers

 Over the years I’ve outsourced many products to International Suppliers, mainly in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Jamaica, and China. I’ve met with many myths in dealing with them, such as they aren’t trustworthy, reliable, outsourcing is unpatriotic, etc. These attitudes discouraged many American Entrepreneurs from even trying to outsource in foreign countries despite the major benefits […] Read more »

The Wall Street Journal on Bob Reiss Idea on Risks

By Jeffrey A. Tannenbaum An Entrepreneur’s Secret: Take No Risks Many people shun becoming entrepreneurs because they dread the essence of the game: taking risks. Robert S. Reiss says he owes his success as a business owner to avoiding risk. Bob Reiss, 63 years old, has started 16 small-business ventures in his career, shunning risks […] Read more »