Helpful Websites for Small Businesses

There are many more quality websites than those listed here. These are sites that I have found useful and come highly recommended by many sharp people with extensive Internet experience. The Internet world is a fast changing one and my plan is to regularly update this list. I welcome new ones and any critiques of those on this list. I hope you find some that are useful for you


Search Engines

Domain Name & Web Hosting

Creating A Website                         


Website Rankings

Web Site Research (free) (free/ fee) (free) 


PR Sites

Article Marketing Sites

Blogs (free)


Business Plans (free)

E-Mail Marketing

Social Networking

Small Business Help (to find out nearest SBDC center)

Sales Reps

Customer Traffic Builder

Business Incubators (Matches Sales Reps with Manufacturers ) Manufacturers’ Agents National free 22 page E Guide on the Sales Rep – Manufacturer Relationship for Mutual Gain (cash free way to generate traffic [customers] to your business) (to find closest one to you)

Shopping Carts


Factors (Assn.) (Assn. can match you with appropriate factor.)

Sale of Digital Products

Exporting Sales

Creating Domain and Product Names (offer your wares to affiliates & perform all functions)



Personalized Newspaper-Front Page (printer) (measures your Amazon Sales Rank & Sales-free) (publicity)



Bootstrapping (International Licensing Association)    Bob Reiss book on Tips to Build Your Business with Limited Cash and Free Outside Help